Ford Mode $06 J1850 PIDs for alOBD Scanner™

This is an extension to alOBD_Scannerô adds Ford J1850 Mode $06 parameters. The new set supports vehicles 96-06. Information for Misfires, EVAP, EGR, Oxygen Sensors, PCV, Catalyst Monitors, etc. can be viewed graphically and saved.

After installation of the application, simply start your copy of alOBD_Scannerô application. Scrolling to the bottom of the PID list, will show new parameters with prefix FORDJ1850. You are ready to scan.

For documentation of the parameters and interpretation of the results, visit Fordís Motorcraft site. That side provides freely available information about OBDII and gives explanation for all on-board monitors and associated parameters. This version does not support CAN-Bus. Only older J1850 protocol is supported. J1850 protocol was used by Ford for Model Years 1996-2006.

Keep in mind, not all parameters will work for all cars. Consulting Fordís site you could see what is supported for your model year. During testing, I found some discrepancies between the actual vehicle and the description. I attempted to separate those into "FORDYYYY" prefix. If generic does not seem to produce results, use the equivalent for a specific model year.

Below are some abbreviations uses in the parameter names:

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